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who are we

We are a squad of thoughtful, pragmatic and innovative professionals to deliver customized and holistic IT services and solutions. Crafting simple, smart and agile websites is our hallmark thereby giving synergy to corporate houses since 1998. With our myriad of IT business solutions, we don’t make clients! We build enduring relationships. And we love it! Let’s do great work together to continue this passion.

In less than a decade, IT sector has revolutionized each realm of our life. Unarguably it has changed the concept and direction of business world across the globe.

We started around 6 years ago as a small group with the aim of providing the local market with quality software solutions. We expanded our horizons to other countries in North India in a very short time. Our goal has always been to deliver high-quality solutions at affordable prices. This approach has helped us to expand our customer base across India and the overseas market.

Like any good IT company, we have a strong team of Programmers, Engineers & Project Managers who possess many years worth of skills in their respective fields. However, what separates Ciesta Technoglobals from others is a very strong team of experts who have rich business knowledge and understand the intricacies and unique issues encountered by various industries. This combination has resulted in a strong implementation record over the last 6 years.


Every team member of our company has the self-confidence to serve the clients in the best way.


With our reliable actions and genuine words, we gain the trust of our clients.


With the continuous evaluation of our technical capabilities, products and services, we try to grow our business.


We are proud of retaining the long-term relationship with our clients and employees.


Our team members collaborate with each other to provide you with the fastest service.


We show high respect to everyone and enjoy a mutual success for any solution that we offer to the clients.